Saxdor 400 Gto

The Saxdor 400 GTO is a highly anticipated flagship model that embodies exceptional performance and cruising efficiency. Built on a twin-stepped hull and designed for twin outboard rigs, the Saxdor 400 GTO promises an outstanding on-water experience. The open wheelhouse extends to the full beam of the boat, maximising internal living space and offering direct […]

Saxdor 400 Gtc

Saxdor 400 GTC, the latest addition to our flagship series, is engineered for twin outboard rigs with our unique naval architecture, guaranteeing an unforgettable journey every time. Featuring an innovative main deck design, the GTC, like its sibling, the GTO, maximizes its internal living space with a wheelhouse that extends to the full beam of […]

Azimut Atlantis 45

Given For Yachting è il dealer ufficiale di Azimut Yachts per la Sardegna. L’Azimut Atlantis 45 è sportivo, altamente performante e dinamico per vivere il mare in maniera davvero unica. E’ uno sport cruiser versatile per coloro che amano inseguire le onde e dar la caccia ai brividi più autentici che sa offrire la vita […]

Azimut Atlantis 51

Given For Yachting is the official Dealer of Azimut Yachts in Sardinia. Sporty, high-performing and dynamic, to experience the sea in a truly unique way. Atlantis is a versatile sports cruiser for those who love chasing the waves and seeking the true trill of life at sea. Great cruising ease, the ideal balance between quality […]

Saxdor 320 Gto

Saxdor 320 GTO is a combination of Italian design, American functionality, German quality, and French pricing. GTO comes with a T-top and walk-around deck. All three versions (GTO, GTC and GT) share exquisite design, fast, powerful outboard performance, and a refined, economical hull shape. Maximum power comes from twin 300hp Mercurys while the single V8 […]

Saxdor 270 Gto

Saxdor 270 GTO was designed using the Saxdor signature, the light and soft-riding twin-stepped hull. The Saxdor 270 GTO delivers speed performance and fuel efficiency well-known from the earlier models. Very deep V entry of the inverted bow reduces external impact, improving overall boat stability and enhancing the driving experience. Light and strong construction, built […]

Tiara Yachts 34 Lx

The 34 LX is the first Luxury Crossover model from the Tiara Sport brand. The 34 LX provides comfortable bow rider seating accessed via a centerline pass thru as well as transformational aft seating that offers the ability to enlarge or reduce the cockpit size based on guest’s needs aboard. The 34 LX was introduced […]

Tiara Yachts 34 Ls

The Tiara Sport 34 LS is complete with walk-around capabilities, outdoor galley and convertible sun pad, the 34 LS continues to define luxury day yachting. Captain and guests will enjoy multiple lounging spaces and social zones, offering relaxation and fun while on the water. Interior, guests will find a quiet refuge complete with sleeping accomodations […]

Toy Marine Toy 36 Fly

Nato come naturale evoluzione del Toy 36 mantenendone la linea classica ed elegante, il Toy 36 Fly presenta la doppia timoneria rendendo confortevole la navigazione nelle diverse condizioni marine. La tecnica di realizzazione della barca si ispira all’alta tradizione artigianale della cantieristica italiana, combinando in maniera armonica l’utilizzo di materiali e le scelte tecniche ed […]

Toy Marine Toy 36

The Toy 36 is equipped with two Yanmar engines, generating a total of 640 HP to ensure efficient handling, a deep V-shaped keel for absolute cruising stability even in rough seas, plus bow and stern watertight compartments for guaranteed safety. The boat is also equipped with a generator that not only guarantees safety but also […]