Cruising gently amidst beauty and comfort while relying on an extensive cruising range. A perfect yacht for long cruises that ensures cruising that is always gentle in different sea conditions. Magellano 53 is dedicated to people who know the importance of comfort in long journeys and love sophisticated aesthetics. On the bow side there is a living area with spacious seats where you can relax and rest in complete tranquillity. The Flybridge on Magellano 53 offers an exclusive vantage 360°. The cockpit is a terrace overlooking the sea, a theatre for the spectacle offered by nature. The exclusive dining area offers a view of the horizon; the large windows of the living room provide a 360° perspective of the sea, an unprecedented view and incredible brightness in every area. In the Lower deck there is a sizeable sleeping area: three cabins designed to offer the utmost comfort and a utility room for comfortably storing everything that is required for the journey. The Owner’s suite was designed to offer generous spaces, a refi ned elegance that is pleasing to the eye and a choice and use of materials that wrap around you and encourage relaxation. SUMBA is a "as new" Magellano 53, an incredible opportunity to purchase and cruise with a modern Navetta.

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