Riva’s history begins in the name of that unique and inimitable know-how, which is still the secret of its primacy of style and beauty. It is 1842 and on Lake Iseo a young shipwright performs a real miracle, restoring most of the fishing boats destroyed by a sudden and devastating fortune and thus earning the trust of the sebini. Thus was born the legend of Riva and that of a man, Pietro Riva, who, as soon as he arrived in Sarnico, became the architect of his destiny. In the decade of the Italian industrial revolution, dominated by the myth of speed, the Engineer intercepted the phenomenon giving life to a series of models with an unmistakable design, and in 1989 LVCE was also born, still able to transmit all the style of the shipyard. Faced many jobs with care in the year 2021 and followed year after year with careful and certified maintenance, even today it is a boat that excites. Worth seeing.

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