Liguria and Tuscany are two regions of the Italian coast known for their natural and historical beauties. In Liguria, the Cinque Terre are one of the most famous and suggestive destinations. These five small villages overlook the sea, surrounded by sheer cliffs and terraced vineyards. Do not miss Portofino, a renowned holiday resort with its characteristic small port and Camogli, a picturesque fishing village with colourful houses. In Tuscany, the Etruscan Coast is an ideal destination for sea and culture lovers. Here are the splendid beaches of San Vincenzo and Castiglioncello. Also not to be missed is the city of Viareggio, famous for its Carnival, and the Island of Elba, the largest in the Tuscan Archipelago.



Rich in history and allure, Portofino is a magical place that enchants visitors with its breathtaking beauty. The landscape of Portofino is characterized by a crescent-shaped bay surrounded by verdant hills, with houses colourful houses and a marina that hosts yachts and luxury boats. The Piazzetta, with its restaurants and fashion boutiques, is the beating heart of the village. Brown Castle, overlooking the bay, is an imposing fortress that dates back 16th century and offers spectacular panoramic views. The Hotel Splendido, an icon inseparable from Portofino, which has always been a destination for personalities of excellence who can enjoy the highest level of hospitality here, offers a relaxing break at the Bagni Fiore in the DIOR SPA Pop-Up.
The historic restaurant “Da Puny,” a trendy eatery located right on Portofino’s small square, is among the dining options. It is famous for its fresh seafood dishes, view of the port, and the Pitosforo, taken over by Carlo Cracco in 2020.
Just minutes away is Santa Margherita Ligure, a village whose beauties include the port marina, Villa Durazzo, the beaches, the castle and the waterfront. Don’t miss the aperitif at Sabot.

5 Terre


The Cinque Terre, a beautiful coastal stretch located in the Italian region of Liguria,
a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. It consists of five picturesque villages:
Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare are nestled between cliffs and the crystal clear sea. Each village in the Cinque Terre has its charm and beauty. Riomaggiore, with its picturesque and colourful houses, is the perfect place to explore the is the ideal place to explore the narrow streets of the historic centre while Manarola is famous for its white wine and spectacular views. Corniglia, situated on a hill, offers breathtaking views of the coast, while Vernazza, with its natural harbour, is the ideal place to enjoy delicious fresh fish dishes. Finally, Monterosso al Mare is larger than the Cinque Terre and offers various activities, including stores, restaurants, and beach bars.


The Argentario area is characterized by its stunning coastline, with numerous beaches and coves that alternate with cliffs and rocky inlets. The crystal-clear waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea offer a breathtaking spectacle that can admire from the beaches and the yacht. Argentario is also famous for the Tuscan archipelago, consisting of Giglio, Giannutri and Montecristo islands, among the most beautiful and unspoiled in the Mediterranean. The area offers numerous sea-related activities, and there is no shortage of nature trails that wind along the coast. In short, a true paradise for those who love the sea and nature.


The Island of Elba offers over 150 kilometres of coastline that alternate between white sandy beaches, rocky coves and cliffs overlooking the sea. The waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea are ideal for scuba diving and snorkelling. The area also offers numerous paths that wind along the coast crossing pristine landscapes and breathtaking views.