Bertram Yacht 510 Convertible

Introduced in 2000, the Bertram 510 Convertible reflects the Italian styling influences common to all late-model Bertrams introduced after the company’s 1998 acquisition by Ferretti Yachts. With her elliptical windows and sweeping curves, the 510 was a clear departure from the classic Bertram look. Retained, however, is the time-tested Bertram deep-V hull, a large fishing […]

Bertram Yacht 37′ Convertible

With the 37 Convertible, Bertram Yacht entered the New Age of high speeds and modern materials and, we have to say, the result was superb. Victoria was built for Italy, with original 220V electrical system and has always been loved by the first owner. The second one did in the last two years a great […]

Bertram Yacht 450 Convertible

La prima impressione che si ha guardando il Bertram 450 con le sue linee è che conserva sempre ed ancora il riconoscibile profilo Bertram. La console presenta aree per tutte le apparecchiature elettroniche e di navigazione necessarie e ha coperture protettive in plexiglass insieme a numerose aree di stoccaggio. L’intera sovrastruttura è costruita con linee […]